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nitrogen is needed for carbohydrate synthesis - false, 78 % of air is nitrogen - true, nitrogen fixation is making compounds out of nitrogen gas - true, plants get nitrates by osmosis - false, herbivores get nitrates from photosynthesis - false, nitrate added to soil in lime - false, the building blocks of proteins are amino acids - true, parasitism is two organism living together and both benefit - false, nitrifying bacteria convert nitrates back to nitrogen gas - false, proteins are important for growth - true, denitrifying bacteria change nitrates back to nitrogen - true, denitrifying bacteria require aerobic conditions - false, lightning helps fix nitrogen - true, nitrogen fixing bacteria found in all plants - false, mutualistic nitrogen fixing bacteria are found in root nodulesfound - true, nitrogen gas is inert - true, decomposers are herbivores and carnivores - false, decomposers help recycle energy - false, animals get proteins from other animals - true, producers are photosynthetic organisms - true, primary consumers eat herbivores - false, carnivores eat producers - false, a legume is a pea plant - true, carbon is also cycled in nature - true, mutualism is two different plants living together - false,

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