1) Jill called to request a _____________- on the ugly dress. a) apple b) refund c) doggy bag 2) How will Dad react when we ________ pancakes for brunch? a) prepare b) camp c) smash 3) Please ________ the mistake before you turn in your paper. a) sniff b) steel c) erase 4) Did the students ____________- to the food pantry? a) donate b) hungry c) smart 5) Cole made the fire so he and Ellie could sit _______________- it with a good book. a) inside b) beside c) human 6) Jeff did not ___________ the last time he made dinner. a) recall b) even c) liver 7) Dad was upset when we told him about the ___________ golf clubs a) sway b) sloppy c) missing 8) Dr. Stock has to ___________ Shane's heart one more time. a) submit b) recheck c) locate 9) Cole had to ____________ his bed after the dog took a nap on it. a) remake b) slide c) plates 10) Cole hid a _________ gift for him mom. a) crappy b) secret c) cracks


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