Saturday, we went to the zoo. The zoo ____ many animals. Casey ____ to feed the giraffes the most, and Karson ____ the monkeys are so funny! He ____ when they swing from branch to branch. We ____ having a test tomorrow! We need to review so we will be ready. My teacher ____ taught me what I need to know. Now, I ____ goingto do my best and show her what I learned. I sure ____ I get a good grade! What flower ____ you like the best? My favorite flower ____ the sunflower. The sunflower is proud and ____ tall. Did you know that the sunflower always ____ the sun? We should all ____ to be like a sunflower! The water cycle ____ with the sun. The sun ____ water on the ground to evaporate. Then, liquid water ____ into a gas called water vapor. As the vapor cools, it ____ back to water in the clouds. Next it ____ to the ground in the form of rain, sleet, or snow. I ____ you good luck on your test! The teachers ____ that you are ready. You should ____ your time and ____ carefully. We ____ in you!




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