1) What is at the centre of the solar system? a) The sun b) The planets c) The earth 2) How many main planets are there in the Solar System? a) eight b) Eleven c) ten 3) Which mission landed on Titan? a) Apollo b) Mariner c) Huygens 4) What are comets made of? a) ice, rock and gas  b) rock c) ice 5) What happened on earth 66 million years ago? a) An asteroid hit the sun b) An asteroid hit the earth c) The earth hit the sun 6) Where is the largest volcano in the Solar System? a) It is on Mercury b) It is on Mars c) It is on the earth 7) How long does it take the light to get the earth, from the sun? a) thirty minutes b) ten minutes c) eight minutes 8) What is the most famous Comet? a) Elly b) Halley c) Holly 9) Has Mercury got any moons? a) Yes b) No 10) Which sentence is true? a) Planets go around the Sun b) The Sun goes around the planets c) Moons go around the Sun




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