1) Outlook is .. ? a) A database b) A word processor  c) A personal information management and email application d) A spreadsheet program 2) An email .. ? a) sends an online message using the Internet b) view videos on a website c) performs mathematical calculations d) downloads viruses to a P.C. 3) An _________ is the main folder that your incoming mail gets stored in? a) Postbox b) Outbox c) Inbox d) Messenger 4) An email ______________ is a unique identifier for an email account? a) Message b) File c) Number d) Address 5) When composing an email must enter the email address of the person you want to send the message to in the To: field? a) True b) False 6) Which symbol is always included in a valid email address? a) % b) & c) @ d) £ 7) An ______________ is a file sent with an email message? a) Bug b) Attachment c) Font d) Virus 8) You can send picture files as attachments on an email? a) True b) False 9) You can send an email message to more than one person? a) True b) False 10) Received email messages can be moved into ____________ ? a) Folders b) Files c) Attachments d) Programs 11) You can NOT delete an email? a) True b) False 12) What does cc mean in email terminology? a) Carbon Copy b) Colour Copy c) Cloned Copy 13) What does bcc mean in email technology? a) Basic Carbon Copy b) Bold Carbon Copy c) Blind Carbon Copy 14) In Outlook, you can create one or more personalized ________________ for your email messages? a) Headers b) Signatures c) Labels d) Footers 15) A computer virus can be transferred by opening an email attachment? a) True b) False




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