Christianity - No food is forbidden, but they have the tradition of eating fish on a Friday , Hinduism - Beef is the only forbidden meat. Many follow a strict vegetarian diet and will avoid garlic, mushrooms, onions, tea and coffee., Islam - Food must be Halal and meat prepared in the Islamic way. Pork and pork products are not permitted. Forbidden to drink alcohol or eat food containing it., Judaism - Kosher means ‘clean and pure’. Meat prepared in a special way. Pork and shellfish are forbidden Can’t eat the meat and fruit of animal in same meal e.g. beef and diary, Rastafarian - Eat foods that are natural and clean. Most are vegetarian but some will eat fish no bigger than 30cm. Do not prepare food using salt but cook in coconut oil. No alcohol., Sikhism - Beef is forbidden and will not eat Kutha meat (meat prepared by another religion) and must avoid alcohol., Buddhism - Believe that killing animals to eat is wrong. Vegetarian but some will eat fish,




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