1) What are your objectives? 2) How is this important for the world? 3) How to balance conflicting interests? 4) What do you do at UNESP? 5) What is INPE? What do you do there? 6) Do you have other researches ongoing? Or proposals? 7) How your research proposal can add to ours? 8) How is the pandemic situation in Brazil? 9) Are you working home-office right now? 10) How is this scholarship that you want to apply to? 11) What did you research during your Ph.D? 12) What subject was the theme of your last research? 13) You said that one of the ways to avoid the necessity of investments was introducing static use fees. But, would that be good for the costumers? 14) Using used Ion-lithium batteries is really a good choice? They last long? Are they safe? 15) What is the impact on the final customer?  16) What differences are between the normal buses and the electric ones?


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