1) Sue is _____________ than Jack. a) older b) younger c) taller 2) The blue dress is _______________ than the red one. a) taller b) shorter c) longer 3) Summer is _____________ than Autumn. a) older b) hotter c) colder 4) Mount Everest is _______________ than Mount Aconcagua. a) shorter b) higher c) smaller 5) Oranges are ___________ than broccoli. a) better b) good c) more interesting 6) The Nile River is ___________ than Mississipi River. a) higher b) shorter c) longer 7) Physics is ________________ than Maths. a) easier b) more difficult c) difficult 8) I think classical music is ______________________ than jazz. a) better b) more expensive c) boring 9) Reading is ___________________ than cleaning my room. a) easy b) more interesting c) difficult 10) Memes are ____________________ than horror movies. a) fun b) funny c) funnier




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