1) How much was the pigeon? a) 1.9 million dollars b) 1.9 million pounds c) 1 million dollars 2) Where was the man who bought the pigeon from? a) Belgium b) India c) China 3) What was the pigeon´s name? a) New Tom b) New Kim c) New Jim 4) What animal was Magawa? a) a rat b) a cat c) a dog 5) Which is true? a) Magawa helped people in Kenya. b) Magawa worked in Cambodia. 6) What is this? a) bomb b) landmine c) speaker 7) Where do Quokaas live? a) In Indionesia. b) In Australia. c) In Japan. 8) True or false: Quokkas are bigger than kangaroos. a) True b) False 9) Quokkas are a) aggressive b) lazy c) cute




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