1) You can sit on me, I am a type of chair...what am I? a) Slide b) Swing c) Stool d) Staircase 2) I am in the shape of an octagon and a traffic signal...what am I? a) Spaceship b) Stop Sign c) Spider d) Octagon 3) You put me on a letter when you want to mail it...what am I? a) Sticker b) Tape c) Ribbon d) Stamp 4) I am a utensil to eat soup or ice cream with...what am I? a) Fork b) Chopsticks c) Spoon d) Bowl 5) This is what happens when you knock over your drink a) Spill b) Cry c) Smell d) Sponge 6) This is an expression I make with my face when something good happens a) Frown b) Smile c) Scared d) Laugh 7) I am used in the corner to keep two pieces of paper together...what am I? a) Scissors b) Glue Stick c) Stapler d) Binder 8) You wear me when it starts to get chilly out. I am made of yarn... what am I? a) Boots b) Ski Jacket c) Pants d) Sweater




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