What do you always do when you study for a test?, What do usually do in your free time?, Where do you often go in summer?, Where do you sometimes go with your friends?, What do you never do around your parents?, What do you usually do in the morning to get ready?, What restaurants do you hardly ever eat at?, What is something you rarely eat during the winter?, What type of music do you normally listen to?, What time do you usually have breakfast?, What time do you usually go to sleep at night?, Who do you always text to?, How often do you play video games?, How often do you write hand written letters?, What do you sometimes do on Sunday?, In your country what do people often eat for summer?, How often do you exercise or go to the gym?, What should you never do when you are at home with family?, How often do you cook your own meals?, What type of films do you rarely watch?, Before going on holiday what should you always do?, If you won the national lottery ten years ago, how often would you go on a shopping spree?, Before going on a long camping trip what advice should people always follow?, How often do you play sports?, What genre of films do you usually watch?, How often do you check your phone in class?.

Unit 02 - Conversation Questions with Adverbs of Frequency


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