Carlos IV - He became king a short time before the French Revolution (1788), Fernando VII - He made his father abdicate and became king in 1808, José Bonaparte - His brother Napoleon forced the king of Spain to abdicate and made him king, Isabel II - The daughter of Fernando VII, Manuel Godoy - Carlos VI gave all the political power to him. He signed the treaty of Fontainebleu that permitted Napoleon Bonaparte to pass through Spain in 1808, Ramón María Narváez and Leopoldo O'Donnell  - They were military men who supported Queen Isabel II, General Juan Prim - He took control of the government and forced Queen Isabel II into exile in 1868, Amadeo de Savoya - He became king after Isabel II went into exile but he abdicated after two years, The First Republic - The type of government formed when Amadeo de Saboya abdicated. A government with no king, Alfonso XII - He was king after the First Republic, María Cristina of Habsburg - She was Alfonso XII's wife and acted as regent until their son Alfonso XIII was old enough to be king,




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