What day is it today? - It's Saturday., Where did I put my jumper? - It's on the chair., Who's that girl over there? - She's called Una., Whose idea was this? - Wasn't it yours?, Did you go swimming yesterday? - No, I didn't, Aren't you coming swimming? - I am, Do you like my new mobile phone? - It's OK, Is she going to cook dinner? - No, she's going to burn it., Why don't we go swimming this morning? - Sorry, I'm busy, Mind you don't break the glass! - I'll be careful., Can you help me with my maths homework? - Yes, of course., Sorry, but I won't be able to come to the party. - That's a pity., Would you like an ice-cream? - I'd love one, You must give me the CD back before Tuesday. - Can I keep it a bit longer?,

KET Reading Part 3A Match Up 2




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