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1) 100+100 = ? (Work the problem out!) a) 200 b) 300 c) 500 d) 100 e) 400 f) 600 2) 15+15 = ? (Work the problem out!) a) 30 b) 40 c) 50 d) 10 e) 20 f) 60 3) Today is Jessie's birthday. Her mom starts setting up and Jessie's friends show up. They offer to make the cake but Jackie says no. She thinks they'll burn themselves. Jackie then realizes she doesn't have any tape left. She tells the girls she will run to the store to buy some more tape. The girls nod in a "Okay". Jackie gets her car keys, she gets in the car and drives to the store. 20 minutes later Jackie returns to find the girls have made the cake. She was shocked and also angry because they didn't listen but she felt some sense of happiness because they saved some time. 30 minutes later Jessie came home. The girls and Jackie suprise her. They have a fun day and and open gifts. What did you learn from the passage? a) Having others do stuff for you isn't that bad. b) I dont know (F- if you pick this.) c) You shouldn't let people do stuff for you. d) If you say no to someone and they do it anyways get very mad. e) no 4) Quick Break! (Are you enjoying this?) a) Yes. b) No. c) Maybe. d) It's okay. e) It's bad. f) It's good. 5) Today is Bethany's first day of school. She is really nervous. She then gets sick a couple hours later. What is the cause of her sickness? a) She is faking? b) Cold? c) Flu? d) Infection? e) Covid-19 6) Do you love your teacher? a) Yes, she/he is amazing! b) No, she/he is bad. c) She/he is an OK teacher. d) She/he's nice. e) She/he's horrible. f) She/he's fun. 7) Do you like anime? :) a) Yes! It's awesome! b) No, it's horrible. c) Too many bad words. d) It's OK. e) I watch it a little. f) It's bad. 8) If you had superpowers what would you want? (Optional and it doesn't matter what you choose.) a) Flying! b) Super Strength! c) Mermaid Powers! d) Underwater breathing. e) Hypnosis! f) All Of The Above. 9) Guess A Random Animal! (Hint: Hair) a) Dogs! b) Cats! c) Fish! d) Birds! e) Sharks! 10) Guess A Random Song! (Verse 1:  Shoes on, get up in the morning! Cup o' milk. Let's rock and roll! King kong. Kick the drum, rolling on like a rolling stone! Sing song when I'm walking home~ Jump up to the top, LeBron! Ding-Dong, call me on my phone. Ice tea and a game of ping pong! a) Into The Unknown! b) Show Yourself! c) Victorious! d) Heather! e) Dynamite! f) Boy With Luv!




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