1) Yesterday is a song by Paul McCartney,___________ a) isn't it? b) didn't it? c) doesn't it? d) aren't it? e) hasn't it? f) wasn't it? 2) Sleep walking isn't unusual for children,______________ a) are you? b) is it? c) was it? d) were it? e) has it? f) does it? 3) Sewing machines weren't very popular when you were a child, ____________ a) did they? b) didn't they? c) were they? d) was they? e) are they f) do they? 4) Coffee doesn't keep you awake at night,______________ a) do it? b) did it? c) does it? d) are it? e) has it? f) is it? 5) The students didn't yawn during your class, ______________ a) do they? b) didn't they? c) wasn't they? d) were they? e) did they? f) have they?

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