What genres of movies do you like?, What’s your favorite movie of all time? Why do you like it?, What’s the worst movie you have ever seen?, Is going to the movies too expensive? How much are you willing to pay to see a movie at the cinema? , Who do you think the best looking actress/actor in the world is?, Talk about someone you think is a very talented actor or actress., Do you like animated movies? Or are they just for kids?, Do you prefer movies from your own country or other countries more? (Which countries?), Do you try to watch films that win awards? Are awards good indicators of film quality?, What do you like to eat or drink while watching a film?, How long should a movie be? How long is too long?, Are sequels ever as good as the original? Give examples of good sequels that you have seen., How do you choose which movie to watch? By the genre? The director? The main star?, Does watching movies in English really help you learn English? Would you recommend this method to others?, Can we learn about another culture through its movies? What have you learned from foreign films?, Do you mind reading subtitles when you watch foreign films, or would you prefer it to be dubbed into your own language?, Does violence in films and on television inspire violence in real life?, Do you think age restrictions for films are effective?, What are some good things and bad things about television?, Does television kill or create conversation in your family?, What are your earliest memories of television?, Can you recommend a TV show to your classmates?, Would you pay more to see a film at IMAX or in 3D?, Do you think high budget films are always better than low budget films?, Do you agree that the book is always better than the film?.

FCE I3-I4 Unit 4 Film Discussion Questions


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