Since moving to Australia, have you taken up any new sports or activities?, When you flew to Australia, what time did your flight take off?, Who do you take after in terms of your character/personality?, Have you ever had to take care of a sick pet or a sick family member?, When you wake up late on a school day, do you usually rush or take your time?, Have you ever taken part in a play or performance?, When you hear the phrase 'take risks', what comes to mind?, When you were choosing which city/country to study English in, what factors did you take into consideration?, When did you last have to take back something you had said?, Have you ever taken something back to a shop? What was it and why?, Can you tell us a time when you had to take on new responsibilities in your job or family?, What was the last hobby you took up?, Have you ever had to take over responsibility for someone or something?, Would you ever take the blame for something you hadn't done in order to protect someone?, Have you ever taken pity on someone?, Do you take practical jokes well or poorly?, What is something that you currently take pride in?, Have you taken anyone on a date in Australia? Where did you go?, What is the first thing you take a look at when moving to a new area?, What type of community events usually take place in your home neighborhood?, Do you often take advantage of shopping sales?, Do you consider yourself a risk taker? What things have you done?, Have you ever taken part in a local event?, Do you take turns cooking and doing other chores at your place?, When's the last time you took a holiday?, Do you prefer to take pictures of people or landscapes? Why?, What is something that enjoy taking your time to do in the morning?, Have you ever been taken advantage of at a market?, Do you ever take a look class topics for the next days class? Why or why not?, Would you like your children to take after you? What things would you wish to be different?.

FCE I3-I4 Unit 4 Questions with Take 1


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