1) What would you do if you.....President? a) are b) were c) will be d) would be 2) If public transport .....free, less people would use their cars. a) is b) are c) were d) would be 3) If you.....rich, what car would you have? a) are b) will be c) would be d) were 4) If your boss .....you to work all weekend, what would you say? a) asks b) asked c) would ask d) will ask 5) If I went to Russia, I .....the Red Square. a) would visit b) visited c) would visited d) visit 6) I....more exercise if I were you. a) take b) took c) would took d) would take 7) I.....to him if I were you. a) don't listen b) didn't listen c) wouldn't listen d) won't listen 8) If you ....the last person in the world, I .....you for help. a) are - would ask b) were - will help c) would be - helped d) were - would help 9) I .... that, if I were in your shoes. a) didn't do b) wouldn't do c) won't do d) don't do 10) If my company asked me to move to another country, I......... . a) refused b) refuse c) will refuse d) would refuse

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