Moving abroad is more suitable for single people than families. Moving abroad is more suitable for single people than families , If you travel to another country alone, you’ll make new friends more quickly., People in warmer climates tend to be more open., If you live in a country where you don’t speak the language, life is more difficult., The older you get, the less adventurous you become., Children who travel around the world with their family for a year become more knowledgeable than those who spend the year at school., Moving away from your parents when you are young makes you happier., A weekend away is just as good as a two-week holiday., Backpacking around the world is more interesting than staying in five-star hotels., As many people emigrate from my country as immigrate to my country., The more time you spend living in a country, the more you forget your own culture., It’s better to move out of a city if you start a family..


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