1) Tali _____ hungry. a) isn't b) is c) are 2) A monkey _____ in the water. a) it b) isn't c) is 3) John _____ short. a) isn't b) is c) am 4) David _____ sick. a) isn't b) is c) are 5) They _____ famous. a) aren't b) are c) is 6) The children _____ at school today. a) aren't b) is c) are 7) Tom and Ron _____ football players. a) aren't b) isn't c) are 8) One bird _____ white. a) is b) it c) isn't 9) Sweets _____ sweet! a) is b) isn't c) are 10) They _____ at the beach. a) is b) are c) aren't 11) It _____ winter now. a) are b) isn't c) aren't 12) The beach _____ clean. a) is b) are c) isn't 13) The girls _____ at home. a) isn't b) am not c) aren't


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