1) What is the 3rd planet from the Sun? a) Earth b) Mars c) Venus d) Jupiter e) Uranus f) Mercury 2) Which planet is the biggest? a) Pluto b) Jupiter c) Saturn 3) Which planet is the smallest? a) Mars b) Earth c) Venus d) Mercury 4) What keeps the planets in orbit? a) air resistance b) gravity c) friction 5) What is now classed has a dwarf planet? a) pluto b) uranus c) venus 6) The moon is a natural satellite? a) True b) False 7) The moon is made of cheese a) True b) False 8) The sun appears to move across the sky because a) The Earth is rotating on it axis b) It is going around us c) So that night can come d) The moon goes around the Earth 9) How long does it take the Earth to turn on its axis a) 23 hours b) 1 day c) 12 hours d) 28 days 10) The moon gives out light a) True b) False 11) Planets go around the sun in an orbit that is ..... a) Square b) Circular c) Elliptical d) Diamond 12) The solar system is part of a galaxy called the ilky way a) True b) False 13) Gravity only happens on Earth a) True b) False 14) Earth is the only planet in the solar system with a moon a) True b) False 15) Comets orbit the sun a) True b) False

solar system quiz

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