Earth Day is a day that was ____ to promote awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s ____ and occurs ____ year on April 22nd. The first Earth Day ____ in 1970 and was founded ____ U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in for ____ children. He wrote letters to all of the colleges and put a special ____ in Scholastic Magazine to tell them about the special day he had ____. Over 175 countries throughout the ____ celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is the ____, most celebrated environmental ____ worldwide.  There is no governmental agency that is in ____ of Earth Day, but many local and ____ groups throughout the world help to ____ events and activities. Most ____ have activities planned for Earth Day to ____ children realize how important it is to take ____ of the environment. Many organizations celebrate Earth Day by ____ up trash on the road side, cleaning up vacant lots, cleaning the ____ of lakes and rivers, and making sure that beaches and parks are ____ from litter and debris.


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