Due to climate ____, the Earth’s temperature continues to rise causing global ____. This warming of the Earth can lead to severe droughts, frequent ____, warming of the Arctic, strong storms and extreme weather ____. With ice caps ____ in temperate regions, sea levels are estimated to rise between 1 and 6 ____ before the end of the ____, according to NASA. This would displace over 100 million people. As of 2017, more than 26 out of 150 ____ in the Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains are shrinking. White sheets of ____ in the Arctic act like a mirror, reflecting the sun’s solar ____ back into space. With these shrinking, the ____  absorbs it and warms instead. Warming ocean temperature cause ____ bleaching and fragmentation of marine habitat. It also causes ____. Warmer and drier ____ in some forest regions around the world means that plant and animal ____ are at ____ risk of wildfires and human-wildlife ____. According to WWF, given the current pace of ____ temperature rises, about half of all animal and plant ____ are at risk of ____.


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