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Start in the middle of something - The police sirens were screaming closer, but Carl kept up his steady, long-legged run, constantly switching direction to throw his pursuers off his track., Start with something very odd - ‘Bye, mum. I’m just off to the moon. I won’t be back late,’ Daniel called over his shoulder. ‘Okay, dear. Just make sure you’re back for your tea!’ Mrs Harris yelled and then carried on chopping up the sofa., Shock your reader - Sarah grinned and slammed her fist twice into Kate’s stomach. On the second punch, Kate’s hand sprung open, releasing the dinner money she had been gripping so tightly., Create a very clear picture - The bored head teacher sat in his cluttered, little office, bouncing a ball off the wall and catching it over and over again. He was a small, unhappy man whose slightly less-than-clean shirts were always slightly less-than-tucked in., Make your reader laugh - When Cedric Fangpooter put his foot in his boot he found it was full of cocopops. This was an improvement: his socks had been full of porridge., Talk to your reader: use first person - I bet you’re just like me: every time your parents ask you if you’ve done your homework, you tell them one of the following: yes/I haven’t got any/I’ll do it tomorrow/my teacher got sacked for setting too much homework., Use direct speech - ‘Look at that…there…that butterfly!’ Tom cried excitedly. ‘Quick, give me the net and I’ll catch it.’ ‘I can’t,’ Bethan grumbled, ‘It’s already full of fish.’, Create a tense atmosphere - It loomed up out of the dark, its massive bulk blotting out the darkening sky. This was not a time to stand and stare; it was a time to run. But they couldn’t run; they couldn’t move; they couldn’t even breathe.,

Lesson 4 story openings

by Anonymous


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