1) My house is (big) _____ than yours a) bigger b) more big c) biggest d) big e) most bigger f) most biggest 2) This flower is (beautiful) _____ than that one a) beautifuler b) most beautiful c) more beautiful d) beautiful e) more beautifuler f) most beautifulest 3) This is the (interesting) _____ book I have ever read a) more interesting b) most interesting c) interestinger d) interestingest e) more interest f) most interest 4) Non-smokers usually live (long) _____ than smokers a) more longer b) more long c) longest d) most long e) most longest f) longer 5) Which is the (dangerous) _____ animal in the world? a) most dangerous b) more dangerous c) dangerouser d) dangerousest e) most dengerouer f) more dangerousest 6) A holiday by the sea is (good) _____ than a holiday in the mountains a) better b) good c) most good d) more good e) more better f) gooder 7) It is strange but often a coke is (expensive) _____ than a beer. a) more expansiver b) most expansive c) expansivier d) more expensive e) expansiviest f) most expensiviest 8) Who is the (rich) _____ woman on earth? a) most richest b) more rich c) richest d) more richer e) more richest f) richer 9) The weather this summer is even (bad) _____ than last summer  a) worse b) worst c) badder d) more bad e) most bad f) more worse 10) London is the (large) _____ city in England a) larger b) more large c) largest d) most largest e) most large f) more larger


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