1) ... is your best friend? a) What b) How c) Who d) When 2) ... do you usually have for breakfast? a) What b) Who c) How d) How often 3) ... does she live? a) What b) Where c) How much d) When 4) ... is it? a) How many b) How often c) How much d) Who 5) ... is the party? a) When b) Who c) How much d) What 6) ... is your favorite colour? a) Which b) What c) Who d) When 7) ... is your favourite colour, red or blue? a) Which b) What c) How d) Why 8) ... are you? a) How b) How much c) What d) Which 9) ... far is it? a) How much b) When c) Where d) How 10) ... does Paul play tennis? a) How often b) What c) How much d) Which 11) ... are you waiting for? a) Who b) Which c) How d) How often 12) ... are you saying? a) Who b) What c) Where d) Why




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