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Ore - A naturally occurring substance that contains a metal compound, Economically viable - There is enough metal in the ore to make it worthwhile extracting it., High grade ore - Ore containing a high proportion of a metal compound. These are running out in the earths crust, Low grade ore - An ore that does not contain much metal compound. It is more expensive to in as there is a lot more waste rock, Reactivity series - List of metals according to how reactive they are. , Native metal . - Least reactive metals often found unreacted in the earths crust eg Gold, Displacement reaction - A chemical reaction where a more reactive metal displaces a less reactive metal from a compound. Eg carbon is used to displace iron from its ore, iron oxide., Electrolysis - Method of extracting the most reactive metals by passing a current through the molten or dissolved compound, Reduction - Process by which oxygen is removed from a compound, oxidation - Process by which oxygen is added to a compound, smelting - traditional method of extracting copper by heating it with carbon, Bioleaching - A process where bacteria are used to release metals from low grade ores, Phytomining - Process where plants are used to absorb metals from compounds in the ground. Can be used to decontaminate polluted soil., Alloy - A mixture of metals that has different physical properties from pure metals., Transition metal - Metal found in the central part of the periodic table. Often have coloured compounds and are good catalysts., Blast furnace - Large structure used to reduce iron oxide to iron by adding carbon and limestone. Hot air is blown through the mixture causing a chemical reaction to take place., low carbon steel - contains less than 0.3% carbon which makes it very malleable and used for shaped objects like car bonnets., high carbon steel - contains up to 1% carbon and is stronger and harder than normal steel. Used for bridges and buildings, stainless steel - contains chromium atoms which stop the steel from going rusty. Used for cutlery., Steel - An alloy made from iron and carbon,

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