My brother is a manual worker in a factory. - Like me, he´s a blue collar worker., My cousin is a secretary in an office. - Like me, he´s a white collar worker., I need to do some more hours at work so that I can make more money. - I think I´ll ask if I can work overtime., The train drivers are refusing to work. - They´ve decided to come out on strike., I work from 10.00pm to 6.00am. - Of course, I get paid more for working the night shift., I work for a very small amount of money. - I really hate working for peanuts., Jo is unemployed and receiving unemployment benefit. - There´s nothing worse than being on the dole., Jim applied to his boss for more money. - He put in for a rise., Our boss makes his staff work too hard. - He´s such a slave-driver., Bob works too hard. Yesterday, he started at 7.30 in the morning and didn´t finish until almost midnight. - If he continues like that, he´ll burn himself out., Our company director was given a large sum of money when he retired before the end of his contract. - I wish I could get a golden handshake like that!, Sarah has great potential and ambition. - She´s always been a high-flyer., My boss made a mistake and made me take responsibility for it. - I hate it when I have to carry the can for someone else., Our company is still working in the usual way in spite of difficulties. - I´m glad to say it´s business as usual., Steve has an unusual job; he looks for top managers and offers them jobs in other companies. - He´s a headhunter., Have you heard? John has been dismissed for coming late all the time. - I always knew he´d get fired one day.,

FCE Work Idioms (Match Up)




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