pitter-patter - a series of quick, light knocking sounds, tittle-tattle - unimportant conversation about other people and what they are doing, chit-chat - informal conversation about matters that are not important, hothead - someone who does things or reacts to things quickly and without thinking carefully first, singsong - the informal singing of songs by a group of people, sob story - a piece of information that someone tells you or writes about himself or herself that is intended to make you feel sympathy for that person:, the rat race - a way of life in modern society, in which people compete with each other for power and money, mishmash - a mixture of a lot of very different things that are put together in a way that is not organized, creepy-crawly - a small insect that gives you a feeling of fear and dislike, weight-watcher - a person who tries to lose weight, esp by dieting, riff-raff - an insulting word for people who are noisy, badly-behaved, or of low social class, topsy-turvy - confused, or lacking organization; upside down, flip-flops - a type of open shoe, often made of rubber, with a V-shaped strap that goes between the big toe and the toe next to it, wishy-washy - having no colour, firm ideas, principles, or noticeable qualities of any type, or lacking in the ability to make a decision, tell-tale - allowing a secret to become known, brickbats - a criticism of something, shipshape - neat and with everything in its correct place, zigzag - to move by going first in one direction and then in a different direction, and continuing in this way,

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