1) Martha's parents often let her ______ late at night. a) stay b) to stay c) staying 2) I would like _____a new camera. a) buy b) to buy c) buying 3) My boyfriend is crazy about _____old silent movies. a) watch b) to watch c) watching 4) Why don't you practise _____ this song again? a) play b) to play c) playing 5) Would you mind _____ me with this poster? a) help b) to help c) helping 6) Tom plans _____us soon. a) visit b) to visit c) visiting 7) I’ve decided _____ Maths at university. a) study b) to study c) stydying 8) He suggested _____ tomorrow. a) meet b) to meet c) meeting 9) You should ___ some warm clothes. a) put on b) to put on c) putting on 10) He doesn't want ___ to you. a) talk b) to talk c) talking 11) My parents told ____ clean my room. a) me clean b) me to clean c) me cleaning 12) She seems ____ worried. a) be b) to be c) being 13) I need ____ to the bathroom. a) go b) to go c) going 14) John stopped ____ at the beginning of the year. a) smoke b) to smoke c) smoking 15) Could you ___ me where the bank is? a) tell b) to tell c) telling 16) My brother can'ts stand ___ to country music. a) listen b) to listen c) listening 17) I would love ___ go out with you! a) go b) to go c) going 18) I would rather ___ at home tonight. a) stay b) to stay c) staying


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