Introductory Assessment  - Use a poll on your video conferencing system or another digital tool to elicit data from students in order to develop learning objectives or goals., During or After Content Engagement - Give learners a form to fill out while they read or view the content, Self-Assessment - Include an evaluation citeria grid at the start of an assignment or assessment so students may analyze their assignments on their own before thy turn it in. , Writing Assessment - Ask students to write an essay on how they interpret the course material , Oral Assessment - Ask students send a one-minute video on how they interpret the course material , Authentic Assessment - Ask students to apply their gained knowledge into real-world situation or other situational context. , Selected-Response Assessments - Recall of facts by asking students to recognize definitions, facts or procedures, Group Assessments - Collaborative Interaction through digital tools in order to stimulate problem solving, critical thinking, engagement and teamwork. , Summarizing Assessment - Ask students to collectively explain their learning at the end of the module. ,

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