1) He _______ basketball on Sunday a) plays b) play c) plaies 2) They ______ English and Spanish a) speek b) speaks c) speak 3) I ________ in Valencia a) leave b) live c) lives 4) She ______ to the park after school a) goes b) go c) gos 5) You ______ chocolate ice cream a) laik b) likes c) like 6) We ______ scary movies a) watch b) wash c) watches 7) My sister ______ Geography a) study b) studies c) studys 8) Sam and Alice _______ in Alicante a) werk b) work c) works 9) Peter ______ judo at the weekend a) does b) do c) dos 10) The train _______ at 5 o'clock a) leave b) leavs c) leaves 11) He usually _________ at 7 o'clock a) get ups b) get up c) gets up 12) Emma and I sometimes _______ songs a) sings b) sing c) singes 13) My dog _______ big ears a) has b) haves c) have 14) I always _______ my teeth a) brushs b) brushes c) brush 15) Rebecca ______ breakfast before school a) eat b) eats c) eates 16) You never ________ to your mum a) listen b) litsen c) listens 17) My best friend _______ lots of books a) read b) reads c) reades 18) They sometimes ________ to the supermarket a) gos b) go c) goes 19) Mr. Smith always _________ tea a) drinks b) drink c) drinkes 20) We _______ football a) loves b) luv c) love 21) My friend ________ scary films a) enjoy b) enjoys c) enjoies 22) The children _________ to school a) come b) comes c) coms 23) Sara ______ to be a doctor a) want b) wants c) wantes 24) I _____ to bed at 10 o'clock a) go b) gos c) goes 25) He _______ to work everyday a) drive b) drivs c) drives

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