1) An organism that gets energy from eating other organisms a) Consumer b) Food Web c) Herbivore d) Environment 2) An organism that breaks down the remains of dead plants or animals a) Producer b) Decomposer c) Organism d) Biotic 3) An interconnected set of food chains a) Environment b) Nonliving c) Food Web d) Habitat 4) An organism that uses sunlight to make its own food for energy a) Producer b) Decomposer c) Herbivore d) Carnivore 5) An organism that gets energy by eating only other animals a) Omnivore b) Herbivore c) Invasive Species d) Carnivore 6) An organism that gets energy by eating only plants a) Carnivore b) Herbivore c) Predator d) Omnivore 7) An organism that gets energy by eating both plants and other animals a) Decomposer b) Herbivore c) Omnivore  d) Carnivore 8) The process where plants use sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to produce sugar and release oxygen a) Photosynthesis b) Reproduction c) Germination d) Transpiration 9) The path of energy from one organism to another in an ecosystem a) Photosynthesis b) Food Chain c) Herbivore d) Ecosystem 10) An animal that hunts and eats other animals a) Prey b) Herbivore c) Predator  d) Decomposer 11) An animal that is hunted and eaten by another organism a) Prey b) Omnivore  c) Producer d) Decomposer 12) All living and nonliving things and all their interactions in an area a) Producers b) Ecosystem c) Organism d) Community 13) All the different organisms that live in ONE area a) Producers b) Population c) Community d) Omnivores 14) A part of the ecosystem such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, sunlight, water, rocks and soil a) Nonliving b) Living c) Weather d) Climate 15) An organism that is introduced into a new environment that can have a negative effect on the ecosystem a) Producers b) Native Species c) Invasive Species d) Consumers

ECOSYSTEMS & FOOD WEBS Open the Box (5th Grade Science)


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