Who are you most like in your family? Tell us about him/her., Do you have a best friend? ..... (What do you like about him/her?), Who do you spend time with after school? ..... (What do you do together?), Tell us about a good teacher you've had., What's your favourite school subject at school? ..... (Why do you like it?), Do you like reading? ..... (What do you like to read?) ...... (Why?), Do you enjoy using the Internet in your free time? ..... (Why?/Why not?), Tell us about the things you like doing at the weekend., Do you like your school? ..... (Why?/Why not?), Are there any nice places to go in Kalisz? ..... (What are they?) ..... (Why do you like them?), Have you been anywhere nice recently? ..... (Where did you go?) ..... (Why?), Where would you like to go for your next holiday? ..... Why would you like to go there?.


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