1) What should you have on your device to keep it safe? a) Pictures b) Anti-virus software c) A microphone 2) How can you keep your computer safe? a) Make sure the firewall is switched on b) Turn the firewall on c) Make sure it is updated 3) If someone sends out messages from your accounts what should you do? a) Change your passwords b) Turn your device off c) Send them a message 4) Should you give your bank details to someone you don't know? a) Absolutely  b) Of course not 5) What is a phishing e-mail? a) An e-mail with a fish picture b) An e-mail that has no writing c) An e-mail sent to get your personal details 6) What should you do if you receive a phishing email? a) Delete it b) Reply c) Give your personal details 7) How do you know a website is safe for shopping? a) A padlock symbol b) No symbol 8) Is it safe to use the internet? a) Yes, but be aware of ways to keep yourself safe b) No, it is unsafe


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