1) Past simple a) I was living b) When I saw a cat that fell c) When She visited London d) I living on my parents house e) I were nailing on my house f) When I ball fell on my head 2) Vocabulary a) Lake b) River bank c) Woonland d) Rainforest e) Desert f) Tropical 3) 2 part of vocabulary a) The artic b) Woodland c) Lanrtic d) Ruption e) Sea f) Coast 4) 3 Part of vocabulary a) Volcanic eruption b) Avalanche c) Rain d) Snow e) River f) Snow fall 5) 4 Part of Vocabulary a) Lightning b) Light c) Earthquake d) Fluid e) Thunderstorm f) Mighting 6) 5 Part of the Vocabulary a) Tsunami b) Heatwave c) Harried d) Floood e) Hurricane f) Flood 7) Past continous a) Mum was driving b) Dad see a horse c) Sister fell with the cat d) The cat was falling e) When f) My brother was looking 8) Past simple a) While …. b) When… c) When.. d) While…….. e) When. f) While….. 9) Linking words 50 $ a) And b) Since c) Because d) All incorrect e) But f) For 10) Past continuous a) Was b) You c) Were d) Wasn’t e) Wos f) They 11) Linking words complete 50% =100% a) After b) Later c) Thing d) Wall e) Before f) Record


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