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It is a typical __________that Sherlock Holmes was a middle-aged man. Actually, he was in his 20s. , Everyone was shocked when the three man was _________with murder., My neighbour was ______for shoplifting, but he insists that he never did such a thing., The robbers kept everyone in the bank as _______., The FBI has found no _______ of a crime., There will be a full __________to work out what caused the accident., The suspect was arrested because his _____________were found on the murder weapon., Judging by these footprints, the burglar must have had a(n)____________., The gunman was reported as being ________to the teeth and equipped with both a rifle and a pistol., He was arrested for ________ because several fake banknotes were found in his house., My dad works as an ethical ________testing the security of online platforms of companies., Two men _________ a jet travelling to Paris and demanded $125,000., He was the __________ of a painting sold as a Rembrandt., The _______broke into the house through the back door., The members of the ________ left the court with a police escort., At the end of the trial he was found ____________and let go., The defendant ___________ not guilty to robbery with violence., According to eye ____________, the robbery was carried out by two teenage boys., The __________ had received repeated blows to the head and body., She's threatening to take me to __________ for not paying the bill on time., No one knows who killed her, but the police __________ her husband., The soldiers were tried and ____________of war crimes., As she was a first-time offender she was let off with paying a _______., If you help out the police a bit, they will be able to reduce your prison ____________., A group of journalists were waiting in front of the court to hear the _________., He has twice been convicted of armed _______., The police arrested the man for ___________when they caught him in the act of destroying public property., He is serving time for ____________a 12-year-old boy and demanding 1 million as ransom., Keep an eye on your bag as there are many ___________in the area., He has a cast-iron _________ - he was in hospital the week of the murder..

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