The film reminded me ____ my childhood. His friend accused him ____ stealing his watch. I normally disapprove ____ interfering a speech ____ comments, but that time I just couldn't´t stand the nonsense the speaker was declaring. We´ve decided to invest the profit ____ that new area developing project but it was a poor decision and we ended up with nothing. Every year the police prevent a lot of crimes ____ happening in our city. Please inform me, how much are you to charge me ____ your services. My Mom normally hates being distracted ____ her studies, but she didn't object ____ my intrusion that time. If you persist ____ upsetting her, I will have to punish you. She impressed us ____ both the depth and range of her knowledge. e They made a direct appeal ____ the government ____ funding. She devoted herself entirely ____ writing. He's really delighted ____ his new CD player.


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