Can I b____ a pen, please?, C__ I borrow a pen, please?, Can I borrow a pen, p____?, Yes, y___ can., Y___, you can., Yes, you c___., No, sorry, you c___., No, sorry, y___ can't., No, s___ you can't., Sure, no p___., S___, no problem., Sure, n__ problem., Is it OK i__ I use your mobile?, Is it O__if I borrow your pen?, Is i__ OK if I take your T-shirt?, I__ it OK if I go to the party alone?, No, s___ it isn't OK., No, sorry, it i___ OK., No, sorry, it isn't O__., Yes, t___ fine., Yes, that's f___., Y___, that's fine. , Oh, a__ right., Oh, all r__. .


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