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Soda Bread - Ireland, Bangers and Mash - Ireland, High Tea - Great Britain, Pizzelles - Italy, Lasagna Roll-ups - Italy, Lemoncello - Italy, Apple Tartin - France, Crouque Monsier - France, Crepe - France, Gnocchi - Italy, Tiramisu - Italy, Shepards Pie - Ireland, Fry Bread Taco - Mexico, Fried Ice Cream - Mexico, Mango Salsa - Latin America, Fried Ginniepig - Latin America, Fried Plantains - Latin America, Bouillabaisse - France, Brie and Crackers - France, Corn Chowder - Mexico, Ploughmans Lunch - Ireland, Antipasto - Italy, Bubbles and Squeaks - Ireland, Risotto - Italy, Welshire Pudding - Great Britain,

Foods of Various Countries #2


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