1) What is the longest river in the world? a) the Amazon b) the Mississippi c) the Nile d) the Danube 2) What is the highest mountain in the world? a) Mont Blanc b) Mount Everest c) Mount Kilimanjaro 3) Where is the hottest place in the world? a) in Oceania b) in Europe c) in North America d) in Africa 4) What is the largest continent? a) Asia b) Europe c) South America 5) Where is the coldest place in the world? a) in Russia b) in Alaska c) in Antarctica 6) What is the smallest country in the world? a) Andorra b) Vatican City c) Luxembourg 7) What is the biggest city? a) Mexico City b) Budapest c) New York d) Tokyo 8) What is the fastest animal in the world? a) a cheetah b) an ostrich c) a lion 9) What is the most crowded country in the world? a) Indonesia b) Monaco c) Bangladesh 10) Which is the heaviest metal? a) lead (Pb) b) gold (Au) c) iron (fe)




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