1) Let's get a burger. a) Have some beans. b) Yuk!I hate them. c) No thanks. I don't like junk food. 2) Would you like some fruit? a) No,thanks.I don't like ketchup. b) Yes.A glass of water ,please. c) Yes,please. 3) How many meals do you have a day? a) Yes,every day. b) I usually have 3 or 4. c) About 3 bars. 4) Where do you usually have lunch? a) Some meat and salad. b) At school. c) At 1 o'clock. 5) How much milk do you drink a day? a) Yes, I love it. b) One bottle ,please. c) About one glass. 6) Is there any ice cream in the fridge? a) No,there isn't. b) It is very tasty. c) Yes , there are 3 cans. 7) Do you drink lots of water? a) Yes,it is. b) Not really. c) That's a lot. 8) I want something to drink. a) I'd like a pancake.. b) Let's get a glass of lemonade. c) I don't like coffee. 9) What does she want on the pizza? a) At home. b) She hates them. c) I don't know.Let's ask her. 10) Do you eat mushrooms? a) I want something for dessert. b) Yuk, I don't like fruit. c) No way! They are horrible.

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