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1) What is the lightest solid thing in the earth? a) graphene aerogel b) air c) gold d) the smallest guitar 2) How much can kill you from the deadliest poison? a) 1g b) 0,1g c) 0,001g d) 0,000000001g 3) How big is the tallest man ? a) like you b) like your dad c) about 2meters d) 2m 72cm 4) How big is the longest concatenation of humans? a) 2km b) 20km c) 200km d) 105000m e) 10000000000000000000000m 5) How fast is the fastest bike in the world? a) 120km/h b) 240km/h c) 60km/h 6) What expensive is the expensivest car? a) 10000000dollar b) 1dollar c) 1000dollar d) 38000000dollar 7) How many rubic cubes sold in every form,all over the world? a) 1million b) 100million c) 1billon d) 10billion



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