Do you give to charity or volunteer?, What do you think are some important charities people should give to?, Do you know of any interesting or strange charities?, Do you give money to homeless people? Do you think it's a good/bad idea and why? , Who do you think needs charity the most?, How much do you think governments should give to help other countries?, Should rich people and corporations be forced to give to charity?, Do you think there are any charities that are scams?, Does your country have a holiday when it is traditional to help out people in your community? If not, should there be a holiday like that?, Do you think it is better to give time or money?, When was the last time someone volunteered to help you?, Are there any charity or volunteer projects that you know of at the moment?, Why do you think people work as volunteers?, Is volunteer work common in your family/community/country?, How often to you volunteer to do things?, Have you ever volunteered to do something and then regretted volunteering afterwards?, What kind of voluntary work would you like to do?, What would the world be like if no one volunteered to do anything?, What would the world be like if everyone volunteered every day?, When was the last time you helped someone for free?, Are you usually quick to volunteer your help?, Do you think doing voluntary work is good for your resume?, Would you join the volunteer army of your country?, Would you volunteer to help your English school? What things would you like to do?, Why might some people think volunteering is a waste of time? , How could you help a charity if you had no money?, Can you think of anyone outside of your family that needs your help at the moment? How could you help them?, Can a volunteer be treated the same as paid staff?, Would you consider volunteering in Australia? What would you do?, What is the dictionary definition of 'volunteer'?.

EC I1 M1 2B Discussing Charity and Volunteer work


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