1) Ann gets ... her schoolmates. a) better marks than b) best marks than c) better marks of d) gooder marks than 2) I am ... my friend. a) baddest of b) the worse student in c) worse than d) the worst student in 3) Paul is ... his brother. a) more tall than b) taller than c) more taller than d) tallest than 4) That party was ... this one. a) the most amusing of b) most amusing of c) more amusing than d) very amusing of 5) You are ... Paul a) dearer b) the dearest c) the most dear d) more dear than 6) This film is ... that one. a) funny than b) funnier than c) funniest than d) funnyest than 7) She was ... when she was ... a) slimer... young b) slimmer... youngest c) slimmest ... younger d) slimmer ... younger 8) Mary is ... herfriends. a) the happiest girl in b) happier than c) the most happy in d) the happyest of 9) Last year he was ... he is now. a) sadder than b) sader than c) more sader than d) sadder of 10) Your behaviour is ... theirs. a) worst than b) more bad than c) worse than d) badder than 11) From school his house is ... ours. a) further than b) furthest than c) more far than d) farrer than 12) My sister is ...me. a) lazyer than b) lazier than c) laziest that d) more lazy than 13) I arrived ... you. a) latest than b) the later than c) later than d) latter of 14) Lilly is ... her sister. a) more friendlier b) the more friendly than c) friendlyier than d) friendlier than 15) Today is ... yesterday. a) wetter than b) weter of c) weter than d) more wet than 16) Her mobile phone is ... her PC. a) oldder than b) more older than c) older than d) the oldest of


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