1) You can get energy from: a) fizzy drinks  b) fried food c) Pasta and potatoes 2) The vitamin in the orange juice: a) A b) C c) D d) B 3) Find the unhealthy food a) boiled eggs b) fried eggs 4) They give energy to the body a) grains b) dairy c) junk food 5) They repair muscles: a) fruit and vegetables b) protein c) dairy 6) Cheese, milk and joghurt are: a) protein b) dairy c) grains 7) To grow healthy: a) have a balanced diet b) sleep the more you can c) eat whatever you want 8) Sausages, salmon and eggs are: a) carbrohydrates b) protein c) dairy 9) At the bottom of the piramid we find: a) fruit and vegetables b) protein c) fat and sugar 10) How much water per day? a) 2 to 3 glasses b) 1,5 to 2 Lt

Healthy eating quiz


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