Q: How useful are each of these forms of transport?, A train, A bus, A motorcycle, A motorhome, A car, Q: How attractive would these special days be as a prize?, Taking a trip in a hot-air balloon, Presenting your own television show, Being a special guest at a theme park, Learning how to sail, Being a racing driver for a day, Q: How might each class attract different people?, A sport and fitness class, A drawing and painting class, A cookery class, An acting class, A photography class, Q: What might people have to consider when making these decisions?, Choosing a university, Starting a family, Moving to another country, Finding a job, Getting married, Q: What would be the best way to collect money for a school charity event?, Setting up a car wash, Crowdfunding on the internet, Asking parents for money, Selling lemonade, Organizing a school play?, Q: How could each item be useful on a camping trip?, A mobile phone, A first aid kit, A torch, A gas camping stove, A rope, Q: What are the benefits of having these locations in the city centre?, A cinema, A nightclub, A shopping centre, An outdoor market, A sports centre/gym, Q: What advantages/disadvantages do these forms of communication have?, Having a face-to-face meeting, Giving a lecture, Writing a letter, Chatting online or via text message, A video call online, Q: How useful would these ideas be for attracting customers?, A large carpark, An internet café, Reduced prices, A variety of different restaurants , A children’s play area, Q: How can people help the environment?, Recycle, Use less water at home, Use public transport, But organic products, Replace electronics and appliances , Q: Why would people choose to wear these clothes and accessories? , Shoes and flip-flops, A suit and tie, Hat and scarf, Jeans and a T-shirt, A tracksuit, Q: How important is each facility for visitors to a holiday resort?, A car rental agency, A local hospital, A nearby airport, A tourist information centre, A theme park , Q: Why might people join these classes?, A pottery class, A dance class, A yoga class, A drama class, An English class, Q: How do you think these environmental problems affect our lives?, Air polution, Water pollution, Deforestation, Rising sea levels, Extinction of species, Q: How have these areas benefited from advances in technology?, Transportation, Sports, Media, Medicine, Music industry, Q: What might companies have to consider when marketing their products?, Social media, Sales conferences, Print advertisements, Television and radio advertisements, Sponsorships.

FCE I3-I4 Speaking Part 3 Practice- Deal and Answer (2mins)


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