Function - SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, Formula - =B5*C5, Column - They are labelled with letters. They are vertical., Row - They are labelled with numbers. They are horizontal., Worksheet - These can be found at the bottom of your spreadsheet. Several tabs., Cell - Consists of a letter and a number., Cell Reference - A10, B12, E4, Data - Typed directly into a cell; values, labels, formulas, Formatting - Changing the fonts, colours, style, border, Data Type - Currency, percentage, date, time., Wrap Text - Resize the cell to fit the text, Merge - Join two or more cells together, Axis Lables - Graphs' horizontal and vertical ?............ that explains what the value relates to, SUM - Adds values in selected cells, Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheets, = - Formulas must always start with which symbol?,

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