1) ___________ my best friend. a) They're b) There c) Their 2) __________ the best third graders. a) Your b) You're 3) One dollar is _________ quarters. a) for b) four 4) The cat is over _________. a) they're b) there c) their 5) Is that __________ notebook? a) your b) you're 6) _______ the best teacher? a) Who's b) Whose 7) That is __________ pencil. a) they're b) there c) their 8) Letter B is the ___________ answer. a) write b) right 9) I made this __________ you! a) for b) four 10) I ________ how to read a clock. a) no b) know 11) The toy is in _______ toy box. a) it's b) its 12) There are ________ pencil sharpeners in the back. a) to b) two c) too 13) We are learning to __________ in cursive. a) write b) right 14) There is ______ pencil. a) one b) won 15) Will you ________ your sneakers for the field trip? a) wear b) where 16) _______ one talks while the teachers are teaching. a) No b) Know 17) ________ going to rain outside. a) It's b) Its 18) I like going ________ the movies. a) to b) two c) too 19) You _______ the video game! a) one b) won 20) I like to draw, _______! a) to b) two c) too 21) ________ papers are on the floor? a) Who's b) Whose 22) __________ are your books? a) Wear b) Where




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