Did you ever win any prizes when you were at school? If so, how did you feel when you got them?, Did you use to achieve top marks or were your marks average?, Were you ever punished when you were at school? What for? Do you think those methods could be justified?, Name someone you know who can be described as a genius. What are they great at?, Are you a determined person? How does it help you succeed in your life?, Was anything forbidden to you when you were a schoolchild? What things? Did you ever disobey? If you did, did it go unnoticed or were you punished?, Do you think that arts and crafts (cooking, sewing, making things...) should be a compulsory school subject? Why (not)? What about religious education? , Did you use to be an outstanding student? If not, name somebody who did. Why were they outstanding? Are they successful nowadays?, Did you ever rebel against your parents' will? Give more details., As a teen, did you take up a hobby that your parents disapproved of? , Do you agree that parents mustn't criticize their children at all? Why (not)?, Who did you use to resent at school (a classmate, a teacher...)? Have you changed your mind about those people ever since?.


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